Investing in the growth of Africa

Lonrho is focused on investing in and developing opportunities across Africa, where it operates four strategic divisions in eighteen countries.

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Lonrho Hotels

Lonrho has historically been a major participant in the luxury hotel market through its Metropole and Princess brands. It was within Africa that Lonrho Hotels led the market with such iconic luxury hotels as the Norfolk and Nairobi Safari Club in Kenya and Labadi Beach in Ghana. Until recently the Hotel Cardoso was the only remaining Lonrho Hotel. The opening of Grand Karavia in Lubumbashi, DRC and Lansmore Masa Square in Gaborone, Botswana have reignited Lonrho Hotel’s appetite for growth.

Lonrho Hotels is now committed to establishing luxury in the high growth destinations of Africa.

Lonrho Hotels' ability to deliver

Lonrho Hotels, as part of a conglomerate that is focused on Africa, is uniquely well positioned to ensure Lonrho Hotels guests have a wonderful experience each and every time they stay. Lonrho Hotels' knowledge of Africa enables us to deliver what should be simple things every time, for instance an extensive range of fresh fruit and mueslis at breakfast, freshly ground African coffee is always available, each of our hotels has its own power supply and internet access via their own designated satellite connection:

Other Lonrho companies include:

  • Rollex sources, packs and delivers fresh fruit, vegetable, meat and fish produce from across Africa, delivering to an expansive network of retail clients. These clients include Shoprite, Spar and Pic n Pay in South Africa and Marks & Spencer; Tesco; Sainsbury, World Flowers, TFC Holland and Univeg in Europe. In Sub-Saharan Africa, Rollex is the market leader within its sector and distributes chilled perishable produce by air and road freight.
  • Lonrho Agriculture is the John Deere tractor and agricultural equipment distributor for Angola and for Mozambique.
  • Oceanfresh is a vertically integrated seafood specialist, based in Johannesburg – South Africa, Mozambique and Namibia. Primary fishing operations are in Mozambique, South Africa and Namibia where the factories and trawlers are based, as well as having offices in Brazil and the USA. The implementation of sustainable fishing principles is a core fundamental of Oceanfresh.
  • Luba Freeport is the logistics centre for the burgeoning oil and gas industries in the Gulf of Guinea. It is a natural deepwater port situated in a large secluded bay providing depths of up to 45 metres on the southern side of Bioko Island, Equatorial Guinea.
  • Lonrho IT, building on the success of Bytes & Pieces is replicating the business model that has been so successful in Mozambique, in other countries in Africa. Bytes & Pieces has begun operations outside Mozambique under the name of Complete Enterprise Solutions (“CES”). The first CES office was established in Johannesburg, South Africa in 2007 as the hub for implementation of enterprise solutions, in the southern African region. Further offices opened in Lusaka, Zambia and Nelspruit, South Africa.
  • Lonrho Water provides clean water to communities in Africa. The sustainability and environmental awareness of all projects is paramount so biodegradable packaging materials is extensive utilised.
  • AFEX headquarter in Nairobi, Kenya – with associated offices in Tanzania, Uganda, United States and Canada - provides essential services to remote site project and provides outsourced professional assistance with extensive regional experience. The company has built a reputation for providing the highest standard of service in remote areas and often under harsh and difficult conditions. Specialists in rapid response, AFEX delivers immediate assistance and support in international emergencies.
  • Fly540 the pan-African low-cost airline with hubs in Nairobi and Luanda operates on international standards of punctuality, reliability and ticketing. Fly 540’s network is growing to truly connect Africa, East to West and North to South. Fly540 provides international distribution for intercontinental carriers flying into Africa, such as British Airways, Emirates and Virgin.

Lonrho Hotel's operational strength

Lonrho Hotels has assembled an impressive team of proven hotel professionals as means to ensure that the very best hotel practices form the foundations of our guest experience. The team has come together after contributing to the success of some of the industry’s leading brands; Holiday Inn Express, InterContinental, Marriott, Sheraton, Sofitel, Thistle and Wilderness Safaris, to create a network of leading hotels in Africa’s high growth destinations.

From Lonrho Hotels’ up-lifting service culture to the market leading way we price our services Lonrho Hotels is focused on being the travellers first choice.

Business Travellers are able to benefit not merely from Lonrho Hotels’ extensive arrange of business friendly features and services within the hotel, but also each Lonrho Hotel General Manager is available to give you some insight into doing business locally and often can recommend a list of legal firms, bank contacts and accountants.

Those Travellers wishing to relax, have fun and enjoy time with friend and family are not merely attracted by our spectacular hotels they also tell us they are inspired by our passion and commitment to great food and our celebration of African coffees.

Whether it's the networking at Lansmore Masa Square or the need to completed on that business deal in Lubumbashi – Lonrho Hotels’ uplifting service culture assists its guests to unlock the best elements of Africa. As a Lonrho Hotels guests you will feel connected both locally and globally, and yet you will enjoy all the privileges of staying in stylish business first luxury.

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Ease of booking

Lonrho Hotels is an active participant in the world-wide travel trade, attending the main travel markets, collaborating with airlines to offer flight and stay packages and participating in the major travel agency programmes and as a member of the ATTA (African Travel and Tourism Association).

Lonrho Hotel’s commitment to making each Lonrho Hotel one of the easiest to book is evidenced in this new web site with its real-time, leading edge booking facilities and by our partnership with Utell.

Utell, part of Pegasus Solutions Inc, is the world’s most experienced hotel representation service providing a specialized range of powerful sales, marketing and distribution solutions for hotels and travel distributors. Utell offers an unrivaled combination of 80 years’ experience representing hotels by delivering first class business generating solutions. These include preferred travel agent and online partnership agreements, a range of worldwide marketing programs, comprehensive business intelligence reporting capabilities and award-winning hotel Web site marketing. Utell’s products and services are used by thousands of travel agencies, travel providers and businesses worldwide, including major global TMC’s (travel management companies), corporations, online distributors and consortia groups. Visit for more information.

Each property will benefit from Utell’s vast range of business-generating solutions, including access to corporate business through Utell’s global preferred partnerships and programmes with international TMC’s (travel management companies), online distributors and global corporate markets.

“This strategic alliance with Utell is a bold and value-enhancing move for Lonrho Hotels,” said Ewan Cameron, CEO of Lonrho Hotels. Consistent with our commitment to the traveller, this partnership makes Lonrho Hotels easier to book by offering travel agents real-time access to each of our properties; allowing them to book immediately on behalf of the traveller.

“We are making a long-term investment to ensure both travel agencies and travellers know they benefit whenever they choose Lonrho Hotels. It is our intention that all Lonrho Hotels’ luxury properties will be bookable under the UI chain code. Furthermore, travel agents will have their commission payments guaranteed through Utell’s essential agency commissions programme ‘Travelcom’ to ensure their fees are paid quickly and accurately,” added Cameron.

Additionally, Utell will provide Lonrho Hotels with voice reservations in multiple languages via Utell’s global network, which includes a local toll-free South African telephone number – 09 800 73427871, as well as an international call centre number +34 91 594 9473, available 24 hours a day in multiple languages.

John Owens, Senior Vice President of Global Sales for Utell said, “Lonrho provides an exciting and varied addition to the Utell portfolio. We are delighted to welcome the group, and look forward to delivering international reservations through our wide network of sales, marketing and distribution programmes, proven to empower partner hotels with key new business opportunities.

Lonrho Hotels Sales

Lonrho Hotels truly values and appreciates the loyalty of its guests. We intend to launch a reward programme in 2012 which celebrates and rewards those travellers who frequently choose Lonrho Hotels.

We also appreciate that many companies, charities, NGOs, Governments and travel agents are already and have the potential to select Lonrho Hotels as their preferred Hotel, as such our team of sales professionals are available to discuss and agree benefit and rate deals that meet enhance the value of our loyal business partners.

Our commitment to a sustainable future for Africa

We believe the way to lift Africa out of poverty is through private foreign direct investment and ethically conducted business.